Sound Escape (2018)



Pili Valdivia

Sound Escape (2018)



Sound Escape
Research and design seed for a sound intervention


Sound Escape is the result of a year of research on soundscapes and the power of sound to affect human's quality of life. It investigates the relationship between sounds and visuals, the healing capacity of sounds and music, and the negative effects of acoustic contamination as one of the key stressors in big cities. It serves as a theoretical frame for the design seed (idea) that propose to livestream remote natural soundscapes and bring them into controlled urban context.

The seed activation was thought for the new airport Arturo Merino Benitez and was hypothetically inscribed to promote national tourism, leveraging Chile's natural richness through the diversity of soundscapes.

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Role: Researcher and Designer
Airport 3D by Voxel 3D
Soundscapes recorded by Fernando Godoy, Carlos Letora y Pili Valdivia.

Design [Personal]

Editorial, Mixed Media